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Commercial Locksmith South Windsor Ct

Manchester Ct Locksmiths are experienced, honest and reliable locksmiths serving the South Windsor CT area. Call us to provide commercial locksmith services such as:

  • Locks - installing, replacing, servicing all types of locks. Our experts are qualified and experienced to work on the traditional mortise locks, tubular locks, cylindrical locks as well as the latest technologically advanced push button locks, keyless locks and smart locks which can communicate wirelessly through the internet.
  • Exit Devices - installing, replacing, selling, servicing various types of exit devices such as surface vertical rod, concealed, mortise type, narrow stile rim type etc. Call and talk to our locksmith who will guide you and help you pick the right exit device for your commercial location in South Windsor.
  • Door Hardware - such as door closers, handles, pulls, stoppers, viewers etc. If you are looking to replace an old worn out door, or want us to install a new door, our expert locksmiths are only a call away.

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Safe Opening South Windsor Ct | Safe Service South Windsor Ct

Safe Opening South Windsor Ct | Safe Service South Windsor Ct

We at Manchester Ct. Locksmiths have more than 25 years experience in servicing safes in Manchester Ct and adjoining area of South Windsor Ct., whether it's a malfunctioning jeweler's safe, changing a combination on a burglary safe, gun safe opening and repair, electronic safe lock repair, fire vault servicing and the like in South Windsor. Call Us, if you are looking for safe services in South Windsor Ct such as:

  • Buying a new Safe
  • Moving a Safe from one location to another
  • Conducting a Preventive Maintenance Check on Safes
  • Opening a Safe
  • Repairing a Safe

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Installation/Replacing Electronic Access Control Devices South Windsor Ct.

Electronic Access Control Devices South Windsor Ct Locksmith

We at Manchester Ct Locksmiths carry a full line of electronic access control locks, digital locks, keypad locks, smart locks which will make your commercial settings in the town of South Windsor more secure. Now with these new technologically advanced locks, you will not have to worry about key management, like keeping count of duplicate keys, issuing new keys and rekeying locks in case of lost or stolen keys. The new smart locks can store multiple codes, and also keep an audit trail history of codes that are entered. And if you want to remove access of a particular person, all you need to do is delete the code issued to the person, and they will not be able to open the door. Read More

Residential Locksmith South Windsor Ct

Residential Locksmith South Windsor Ct.

Manchester Ct Locksmiths will provide expert locksmith and safe services in your home in South Windsor Ct. Have you locked yourself out of your home? Are you planning to move to a new home and want us to move your concealed in floor safe, or wall safe? Do you want to make your home more secure by installing a smart electronic access control device to replace your tradition key lock? We are there to provide these services and much more for your residence in South Windsor.  Read More

Buy Safe South Windsor Ct

Buy Safe South Windsor Ct LocksmithBuying a safe might sound complicated. You have to understand the purpose for which you are buying a safe? Are you looking for a gun and pistol safe? Or are you looking for a safe to safeguard your valuables, documents and jewelry? Will a concealed in floor safe, hidden under your carpet be enough, or a wall safe hidden behind a mirror or painting fulfill your needs? Our expert safe technicians will guide you in picking the best safe for your residential or commercial (such as a safe for your office or shop) safe service needs in South Windsor. Browse through our inventory of safes in our online store by clicking here!



Manchester Ct. Locksmiths is your experienced and reliable solution provider for all commercial locksmith services, residential locksmith services, safe services including safe opening, safe moving, safe repairing and safe installation services, in South Windsor Ct. We are also there to install and service electronic access control devices to improve security and restrict access of to particular areas in your commercial settings like hospitals, malls and educational institutions. We also deal with all door and door hardware issues and provide installation, replacement and repair of door hardware such as door handles, door hinges, door stoppers, and door closers.

Call Manchester Ct Locksmiths for your Commercial Locksmith, Safe Service, Residential Locksmith needs in South Windsor Ct.

  • We have the experience and knowledge to deal with all your problems. 
  • We invest in technology. We have the latest equipment which will meet all your needs efficiently.
  • We fulfill our commitment given to you. We will be there when we say we will, and perform quality locksmith work.
  • When you call us, be assured that you are talking to the owner. Because you are talking to the owner, be assured that your problem will be dealt with most efficiently.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We at Manchester Ct Locksmiths strive hard to ensure total customer satisfaction. To serve our customers well we:

  1. Provide efficient, honest and integral service
  2. Use the highest quality material

We are proud of our association with our customers, that we have formed over the last two decades. Most of our customers are repeat customers. We hope that if you are happy with our services, you will refer us to a friend. Just in case there is a cause for dissatisfaction, please call us straightaway and we will make it right.

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