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Commercial and Residential Safe Services Manchester Ct

Manchester Ct. has grown from a small town into a busy metropolitan area. Safes are necessary to provide protection for your valuables including jewelry and cash. You might need safes to keep important documents like your passport, various ownership documents and even your will. And if you have a gun or a pistol, you definitely need a safe to protect your firearm from falling into unwanted hands. Manchester Ct. Locksmiths are there to understand your needs and help you in choosing the right safe, which will fulfill all your requirements.

Call Manchester Ct. Locksmiths to fix your safe problems. We have the experience and the expertise to solve all your problems. If you have forgotten your safe combinations, or if you want a diagnostic check on your safe, or want your safe to be moved to a new location, we have all the answers and skills to your problems. It is no surprise that even major safe manufacturing brands rely on us to provide safe services on safes that are under warranty and to attend service calls.

We provide the following safe variety to fulfill your requirements:

  • Commercial Safes - Are perfect for your daily use to store valuables including cash and important documents. Click here to purchase a commercial safe.
  • Concealed In Floor Safe - Which are buried in the floor and concealed by a dustcover, over which a carpet or rug is placed. You can purchase a concealed in floor safe here.
  • Data Media Safes - Are perfect for commercial use where data storage devices need to be safely guarded. For more information of these safes or to purchase one click here.
  • Depository Safes - Are useful to hold cash and important documents. We provide a wide range of depository safes to meet your requirements. Click here to purchase a depository safe.
  • Fire and Burglary Safes - These safes have passed stringent tests to withstand fire and unwanted tampering to protect from burglary. You can purchase one here.
  • Gun and Pistol Safes - Are perfect for safeguarding your guns and pistols from falling into unwanted hands. Thinking of buying one? Check our e-commerce site over here.
  • High Security Safes - Are ideal for commercial use to safeguard valuables. Our e-commerce site gives you multiple options to purchase from. Click here to go to our e-commerce site.
  • In Room Hotel Safes - These are small compact safes, perfect for use in places such as hotel rooms, hospitals and residence halls. For more information about the various options and to purchase one click here.
  • Microwave Safes - These safes are fire resistive and utilize mechanisms to prevent tampering. Click here to purchase one from our e-commerce platform.
  • Wall Safes - Are designed to be placed inside a wall and concealed by a mirror or a picture. More details can be found at our e-commerce site.

You can purchase a safe on our E-Commerce website by


We Offer the Following Safe Services

  • Safe Combination Changes including electronic and mechanical combination changes and hand combination changes in and around Manchester, Ct.
  • Preventive Servicing on Safes in and around Manchester, Ct.
  • Safe Malfunctioning Diagnosis - Our experience indicates that 80% of the time, drilling a safe to open it is unnecessary in and around Manchester, Ct. Call us to perform a complete professional diagnostic check.
  • Hinge Repairs in and around Manchester, Ct.
  • Drilling safes in and around Manchester, Ct.
  • Safe Manipulation in and around Manchester, Ct.
  • Moving Safes from one location to another in and around Manchester, Ct.

Brands We Service

Manchester Ct Locksmiths provide safes services such as installation, repair, opening, retrofitting with biometric or time delay locks for added security and safe moving services. Our most popular brands that we service are:

gardall safe service manchester ct locksmiths Gardall Safe Corporation has been manufacturing safes since the 1950's. The company is known for its strong, sturdy, quality safes, with their safes having received certifications for passing fire, drop and explosion tests. You can browse our collection of Gardall safes on our e-commerce site by clicking here.

ISM Safe Service Manchester Ct Locksmiths

ISM manufactures high security safes. Its safes are widely used in commercial settings like jewelry stores, banks, retail stores, universities etc.  The company's Super Platinum safe has achieved the prestigious UL TRTL certification.

Liberty Safe Service Manchester Ct LocksmithsLiberty Safes and Security Products Inc. is a leader in high quality residential safes, commercial safes, and gun and pistol safes. The company's safes are known for their space and styling, offer superior fire protection and come with advanced technological features. Manchester Ct. Locksmiths is one of Liberty Safe’s Preferred 5 Star technicians!

Other Brands We Service are:
  1. Allied Gary Safe Service, Manchester Ct.
  2. Amsec Safe Service, Manchester Ct.
  3. Browning Gun Safe Service, Manchester Ct.
  4. Champion Gun Safe Service, Manchester Ct.
  5. Fort Knox Gun Safe Service, Manchester Ct.
  6. Gary Safe Service, Manchestere Ct.
  7. Graffunder Gun Safe Service, Manchester Ct.
  8. Hamilton Safe Service, Manchester Ct.
  9. McGunn Safe Service, Manchester Ct.
  10. Mosler Safe Service, Manchester Ct.
  11. NKL Safe Service, Manchester Ct.
  12. Treadlock Gun Safe Service, Manchester Ct.
  13. Winchester Gun Safe Service, Manchester Ct.