Residential Locksmith Services in Manchester Ct.

Manchester Ct., Locksmiths is your go-to locksmith for all locksmith and safe servicing tasks that need to be done at your home. Call us when you need work done on your door like replacing worn out doors or changing door closers including concealed floor or overhead closers. Have you moved into a new home recently? Or have you lost track of the number of duplicate home keys that you have made and are worried about potential theft? Call us to rekey your house to make it secure.

Manchester Ct., Locksmiths are also there to help you go digital. We can install or service electronic access control systems, so now you do not have to worry about keys anymore. In short, Manchester Ct., Locksmiths has all the solutions to your residential locksmith problems.

We at Manchester Ct., Locksmith consider safes as our forte, and provide installation, servicing, repair and safe moving services. Call us if you want servicing on your burglar, jewelry, gun or pistol safe. Or, if you have forgotten your safe combination, call us to open your safe. We are also there for you to make your safe more secure by installing a biometric, electronic or time delay lock.

If you are refurbishing your home and are looking for new hardware like locks including push-button, or electronic access control locks, or plain old-fashioned mortise locks, you can visit our e-commerce website, to browse through our extensive offerings and to place an order. Our e-commerce website also fulfills all your residential safe requirements. You can purchase a safe by clicking here.


Residential Locksmith in Manchester Ct.