Commercial Locksmith Hartford CT & Safe Service Hartford CT

Manchester Ct Locksmith's Commercial Locksmith Services Hartford Ct

Commercial Locksmith Hartford Ct

Manchester Ct Locksmiths wants to be your "go to" commercial locksmith in Hartford Ct. We pledge quality, honesty, and reliability. Our locksmith services in Hartford Ct include:

  • Commercial Door Hardware installation, replacement and repair. For worn out doors, we offer replacement of door and door hardware such as door closers, door handles, door pulls, door stoppers etc, in Hartford Ct.
  • Electronic Access Control Devices installation, replacement and repair. These include push button locks/keypad locks, keyless locks, smart locks. With electronic access control devices the need to maintain keys is eliminated. Now all a person has to do is to punch in a code to unlock the door and enter a restricted area. No unauthorized person will be able to enter a restricted area. Duplicate keys, lost keys, key management such as tracking which keys are issued to which people are all eliminated with electronic access control devices. Such devices are therefore perfect for commercial settings like offices.
  • Traditional door locks like mortise locks and cylindrical locks installation, repair and replacement services.
  • Exit devices for use in commercial building like schools, universities, auditoriums, hospitals and malls. These devices are strong and durable, able to withstand usage multiple times in a day.

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Safe Service in Hartford Ct.

Safe Service Hartford Ct

Our safe technicians are experienced and provide quality and reliable safe services in East Hartford Ct. Our safe services include safe opening services in case of lost combinations, or malfunctioning safes. Other safe services in East Hartford include performing a preventive maintenance check, changing combinations, drilling safes, moving safes etc.

Our safe services extend to all types of safes such as commercial safes, high security safes, wall safes, in floor concealed safes, gun and pistol safes. We are also proud of the fact that we work with all named safe manufacturers such as Liberty, ISM, Amsec, Gardall and others. In fact a lot of these reputed manufacturers call us to provide warranty servicing for their customers. Read More


Electronic Access Control Devices in Hartford Ct.

Electronic Access Control Devices Hartford Ct Locksmith

We at Manchester Ct Locksmiths carry a full line of electronic access control locks, digital locks, keypad locks, which will make your commercial settings in the town of Hartford more secure. Make your office more secure by installing these electronic access control devices. Push button locks range from those that can be opened with only one code, to those that come with in built memory and can be opened with many different codes. These devices now transmit data over the internet and maintain an audit log, so you can easily track who has entered your facility and how often. Read More

Residential Locksmith Services Hartford Ct

Residential Locksmith Hartford Ct.Have you bought a new home and are looking to change your locks? Or do you just want your locks to be rekeyed, so that no duplicates exists. Are you tired of forgetting your keys and want a smart electronic access control device installed in your residence? Our residential locksmith services in Hartford Ct will fulfill all your needs. We are experienced and will provide honest, efficient and quick residential locksmith services in Hartford Ct. Read More

Buy a Safe in Hartford Ct

Buy Safe Hartford Ct LocksmithIf you are looking to buy a safe in Hartford Ct, our e-commerce store carries the inventory of the best known brands. Are you looking for a small safe to store your valuables, jewelry and important documents? Or are you looking for a safe to store your guns and pistols? The purpose for which you want to buy a safe is important. We carry inventory of many different types of safes which will meet your purpose, such as in floor concealed safes, high security safes, gun and pistol safes, fire and burglary safes to name a few. Remember also that the size of the safe, storage capacity, fire rating, drop rating, safe strength and durability are all important factors when selecting a safe. So talk to our expert safe technicians who will understand your safe needs and guide you in your selection process. Buy safes in our online store by clicking here!


Manchester Ct. Locksmiths is your experienced and reliable solution provider for all commercial locksmith services, residential locksmith services, safe services including safe opening, safe moving, safe repairing and safe installation services, in Hartford Ct. We are also there to install and service electronic access control devices to improve security and restrict access of your commercial settings like hospitals, malls and educational institutions. We also deal with all door and door hardware issues and provide installation, replacement and repair of door hardware such as door handles, door hinges, door stoppers, and door closers.

Choose Manchester Ct Locksmiths to provide you with professional and quality commercial locksmith services  and safe services in Hartford Ct.

  • Our knowledge and experience of 25 years means that the chances are good that we've seen your problem before, and have the capability to deal with it.
  • Our commitment to investing in new equipment assures us that we stand ready to meet your needs efficiently.
  • You can rely on us being there when we say we will, and performing quality locksmith service in Connecticut.
  • When you call Manchester Ct. Locksmiths, to provide locksmith or safe services for your residential or commercial setting in Hartford, rest assured that you are speaking to the owner of the company.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We at Manchester Ct., Locksmiths strive hard to ensure total customer satisfaction. Our commitment to customer satisfaction come by providing good service. We pride ourselves in providing honest, quick and efficient services. Our commitment to customer satisfaction also comes through using high quality material. We do not sell or use junk products. We pride ourselves in using materials of the highest quality which we procure from the best known brands.

Our commitment to our customers has enabled us to remain in the business for so long and to serve them so well. We hope that if you are happy with our locksmith services in Hartford Ct, you will refer us to a friend. Just in case there is a cause for dissatisfaction, please call us straightaway because we want to make it right.

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