Electronic Access Control Devices Manchester Ct.

Electronic Access Control Devices are a smart way of managing access to your home or commercial setting. These devices allow entry by punching in a code, or by swiping a card. Such devices eliminate the need of keys, making access control management much easier. If you wish to disallow a specific person from gaining access to a particular area in your commercial setting, just reprogram the device. These access control devices come with inbuilt memory which stores the codes which the user punches, allowing for better management and tracking.

Manchester Ct. Locksmiths offer a wide range of electronic access control devices. We provide installation and maintenance services for these devices in Manchester and its surrounding areas such as Glastonbury, Vernon, Windsor, South Windsor, Hartford and East Hartford. We are there to fulfill all your needs, even if it is as simple as installing a push-button lock in Vernon Ct., or something more complicated like installing a multidoor integrated keyfob system in Glastonbury.

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Electronic Access Control Devices Manchester Ct.

Our Brands

Alarm Lock

Buy Alarm Lock Electronic Access Control Devices Manchester Ct Locksmiths Alarm Lock has been a leader in electronic access control devices and exit devices for more than four decades now. Its keyless locks sold under the brand name of Trilogy are extremely popular. These cost-effective and wireless control locks can be used in a multitude of commercial settings such as hospitals, airports, schools, pharmacy and offices. You can browse and purchase various types of Alarm Lock keyless locks and push button locks on our e-commerce site by Clicking Here.

Trilogy Digital Proximity Lock

Alarm Lock Trilogy PDL3000IC Push Button Lock This standalone electronic digital battery operated lock comes with both a keypad and proximity reader and users get access to a restricted area by either entering a pin code, or scanning a valid proximity credential, or for the highest security enter both a pin and scan a proximity credential. The lock stores up to 2000 user codes/proximity credentials, 500 scheduled events and 40,000 audit trail logs of user lock activity. Read more about the Alarm Lock PDL3000IC on our e-commerce store.

Networx Proximity Exit Trim

Alarm Lock Trilogy Proximity Lock Manchester Ct This battery operated exit trim eliminates door-to-door programming and manual retrieval of audit trials by communicating wirelessly over the internet. It can store 2,000 user codes, 500 scheduled events and 40,000 event audit logs. Read More.


Buy KABA Electronic Access Control Devices Manchester Ct Locksmiths KABA is an expert in providing solutions for smart and secure keyless and push button locks. The company recently merged with another market leader Dorma to form the DormaKaba group. The merged entity prides itself in being in the top three smart access control solution providers in the world. You can browse through our collection of KABA electronic access control devices and push button locks or purchase them, by visiting our e-commerce site.

E-Plex Push Button Lock

KABA E-Plex 2000 Push Button Lock Manchester CtJust punch in your code to get access to restricted area. The E-Plex 2000 keyless lock can store upto 100 codes. Programming codes can be easily done through the keypad. Using this push-button lock eliminates the need to manage, issue or replace keys. For more information click here.

Simplex Mechanical Push Button Lock

KABA L1000 Mechanical Push Button Lock Manchester Ct This lock is a heavy duty mechanical push button lock and comes in a beautiful bright chrome finish. It has a single combination which can be programmed via the keypad. Now you do not have to worry about batteries dying or replacing dead batteries. Read More.


Buy Schlage Electronic Access Control Devices Manchester Ct Locksmith

Schlage has been selling locks and door hardware for almost a century now. The company offers a variety of locks, such as mechanical push button locks, smart electronic access control devices and even fingerprint resistant touch screen locks. For more information on Schlage products please visit our e-commerce site by clicking here.

Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock

Schlage Century Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock Manchester CtThis lock combines the latest Z-wave technology with the security of a deadbolt lock. Security can be managed either through a key, or through the touchscreen keypad or even wirelessly through a smart phone. Read more by clicking here.

Schlage Magnetic Stripe Swipe and Keypad Lock

Schlage Magnetic Stripe Swipe and Push Button Lock Manchester Ct This push button lock is extremely useful in situations where an immediate lockdown is required in case of an emergency. This is easily achieved through the use of the remote fob by authorized members. User rights are stored on the lock itself and the lock is programmable manually or through a computer. Read More.


Buy PDQ Push Button Locks Manchester Ct Locksmiths A family owned company, PDQ is a market leader in Exit Devices. The company also sells a wide variety of locks and door hardware like hinges and closers. You can browse through our collection of PDQ products by clicking here.

Exit Device Trim Electronic Lock

The PDQ E-629 Series Electronic Push Button Lock is a smart and ecnomical way to manage access to your commercial setting. The lock can store 100 codes, one master code and kepp track of 3000 records for audit purposes. For more information visit our e-commerce site by clicking here.