Commercial Locksmith Services

Electronic Access Control Devices

Electronic Access Control Devices are available at Manchester Ct., Locksmiths. These devices offer a smart way to manage access to your industrial or commercial setting. Most of these devices require the user to either swipe a card to unlock a door or to punch in a code. Nowdays smart electronic access control devices come equipped with  internet capability and transfer information wirelessly through the internet. This facilitates for better tracking and easier management of granting or restricting rights to a person.

Manchester Ct. Locksmiths carry electronic access control devices from well known reputed companies such as Alarm Lock, KABA and Nortek. We understand that selecting a device can be confusing and our experts are there to guide you. Call us for any queries. You can also purchase a device on our e-commerce site by clicking here.

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Push Button Locks

Push Button Locks as the name suggests locks your door with the push of a button. Push Button Locks are an easy, convenient and economical way to control access between public and private areas. These come in a variety of styles and functionality. There are only one code push-button locks where all users enter the same code to open the lock. Then there are more advanced locks which come with their own in-built memory and can store many codes of many users. Such locks also provide management and tracking usage on which users used the lock and how many times. We offer some of the biggest brands in push button locks including Schlage, Alarm Lock, KABA and PDQ.

Call us to install, service or repair a push button lock. To buy a push button lock visit our e-commerce site by clicking here.


Commercial Door Hardware

Manchester Ct. Locksmiths provides professional and affordable services for installing or servicing commercial door hardware products. We offer a wide range of commercial door hardware products including Door Pull, Handles, Hinges, Stoppers, Hooks, Viewers and Silencers. If you require any servicing on your door, you can be assured that we will use quality hardware from well known commercial door hardware manufacturers like PDQ.

If you are in doubt or confused about what product to select, you can call our experts who will guide you and help you arrive at a decision. You can also view commercial door hardware products or buy them at our e-commerce site by clicking here.

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Door Closers

We at Manchester Ct., Locksmiths are proud to offer Door Closers of the highest quality. We also provide installation and repair services for you. We carry both Surface Mounted Door Closers and Concealed Overhead Closers, which will undoubtedly fulfill all your needs. You can purchase Door Closers by clicking here.


Mortise and Cylindrical Locks

Manchester Ct., Locksmiths provide locksmith services for installing Mortise and Cylindrical Locks. Cylindrical locks or bored locks are sturdy and easy to install locks, that are installed through the door and come equipped with a knob or lever which unlatches the lock when turned. Cylindrical locks are commonly used in residential settings.

Mortise locks, on the other hand require require a pocket to be created within the door. Mortise locks are commonly used in commercial settings. We at Manchester Ct., Locksmiths are experts in installing mortise and cylindrical locks. We also provide affordable and quality servicing on these locks such as rekeying or replacing them. You can also purchase Mortise locks by clicking here. To purchase Cylindrical locks, click here.


Exit Devices

Manchester Ct., Locksmiths provides a wide variety of exit devices, perfect for use in commercial and municipal settings like malls, schools, auditoriums, healthcare settings etc., places where usage is high. These exit devices are highly durable and offer great functionality. We carry exit devices from manufacturers such as PDQ, DETEX, Adams Rite and Alarm Lock. Come to us with your needs and with out expertise we will guide you in making the best choice. You can view and purchase from the wide variety offered by clicking here.


Safe Service

Do you have a broken safe which requires repair? Have you forgotten your safe combination and want a safe combination change done, or do you require your safe to be retrofitted with electronic, biometric or time delay locks? Manchester Ct., Locksmiths is an experienced safe handler and are there to fulfill all your safe service needs. We provide affordable and professional safe services, including installation, repair and even moving your safe. Are you confused about what type of safe to buy? We are there to guide you to make the best decisions. Please click here to purchase a safe. Also, you can read our comprehensive guide to purchase a safe by clicking here.



Gun and Pistol Safes

Our Gun and Pistol Safes are highly durable and versatile and will fulfill all your requirements. Our Gun and Pistol safe services include installing, repair, servicing and safe moving. You can also purchase a gun or pistol safe by clicking here


Manchester Ct Gun and Pistol Safe Service