About Manchester Ct. Locksmiths

Manchester Ct. Locksmiths, based in Manchester Ct., has been providing quality locksmith and safe services for more than a quarter of a century. The company provides locksmith services such as lock opening, re-keying locks, drilling locks, installing and servicing door and door hardware, different types of locks such as push-button, deadbolt and mortoise, electronic access control devices, exit devices and electric strikes.

The company also provides various types of safe services like installing safes, servicing safes, moving safes and repairing safes. The company offers Tidel safes, Tidel Service, Gardall safes, Amsec safes. The company is known for its commitment to customer service, striving to ensure full customer satisfaction.

We provide Locksmith services in the following towns:

  • Machester Ct. and nearby towns of
  • Glastonbury Ct.
  • East-Hartford Ct.
  • Hartford Ct.
  • Vernon Ct.
  • Bolton Ct.
  • Marlborough Ct.
  • Windsor Ct.
  • South Windsor Ct.
  • East-Windsor Ct.
Manchester Ct. Locksmith Bruce Richman

About the Proprietor

Bruce Richman started his career as an Automobile Mechanic before moving on to take up a profession as a Locksmith. As a locksmith he gradually expanded his scope of work to include safe and vault services and installing, maintenance and servicing of doors, door hardware and access control devices, including electronic access control devices and various types of locks like push-button.  His mantra is his commitment towards providing quality service and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. He resides near the very popular near Highland Park Market in Manchester, Ct.,  and it is comforting to note that he is there to provide a prompt and swift action.


  • Safe Combination Changes
  • Retrofitting Safes with Electronic, Biometric, or Time Delay Locks
  • Safe Repairs
  • Drilling Safes for Lost Combinations
  • Safe Manipulation
  • Safe Moving
  • And Much More...